Daily Daycare Schedule

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    Daily Schedule ( * )

    Children in Diapers will be checked continuously throughout the day

    7:00-8:45am Arrival / Free play
    8:45-9:00am Clean up/Change diapers/Wash hands
    9:00-9:30am Snack/Wash hands
    9:30-10:30am Circle time/Activities
    10:30-10:45am Clean up/Get dressed
    10:45-12:00am Outdoor Play
    12:00-12:15pm Free play/Change diapers
    12:15-1:00pm Lunch
    1:00-3:30pm Nap/Quit time
    3:30-4:00pm Change Diapers/Free play/Activities
    4:00-4:30pm Snack time
    4:30-5:30pm Outdoor play
    5-30-6:00pm Ready for pickup


  • *Schedule is subject to adjustments as required to meet children’s needs.  Like most family homes, ours has a flexible routine that can change from day to day.

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