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It is extremely important for parents to pay attention to their babies’ needs. It is not just the food & nutrition or sanitation that comes in baby care, but there are various other aspects that are equally or more vital to ensure proper care of babies.

Parents need to understand that there are special daycare facilities made, which take care of babies, covering all their needs in the most appropriate manner. In Toronto, CA, there is a daycare centre named Diana Daycare, which is known for exemplary infant and toddler care services. They have the premises and a staff of highly-professional daycarers who will take care of all needs of babies.

Diana Daycare: Toddler Care

It is a well-known fact that proper care and nourishment of children results in the comprehensive development of the same. Diana Daycare offers excellent toddler care, which includes a wide range of things. Diana Daycare has a toddler program that is expanding with every passing day, and it promotes hands-on exploration for children by ensuring a safe and engaging environment. All these aspects together help children learn about his/her world.

The professionals working at Diana Daycare deliver guidance in a very easy-to-understand way, so that children enjoy learning new experiences in their daily routines. It is pivotal to learn something new every day for kids, if they want to enhance their social skills by staying independent, without the supervision of their parents. Professional day-carers also focus on building and fostering self-confidence in children.

Besides toddlers daycare, Diana Daycare has a unique and highly-effective curriculum, which is specifically designed to make children more adaptive to the current surroundings. Experienced daycarers promote physical, mental, social, emotional and intellectual skills in light and fun-oriented environments.

Why Diana Daycare in Newmarket?

We devote our energies to creating a fun and loving environment whilst delivering the best in childcare and education

Diana Daycare in Newmarket is considered by many to be the top home Daycare in Newmarket. We offer CCTV (Closed Circuit TV monitoring ) for the entire facility, home-made food and a big NO to junk food as well as no pets and a focus on providing a strong Ontario curriculum.

When children graduate from Diana Daycare in Newmarket, they are prepared for school: they are able to read and write and are completely ready to be integrated into their first grade in school.

That’s why all students from Diana Daycare are always a step ahead compared to the other kids who join their first grade in school.

  • Affordable Daycare
  • Long Day Care
  • Qualified Early Childhood Educator ( Licensed ECE )
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Air-conditioned premises
  • No smoking facility
  • A positive learning environment for your child
  • Good reputation (satisfied parents – daycare reviews here)
  • Qualified, caring staff
  • Healthy food
  • Clean, safe facilities
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Outdoor playground
  • Indoor Playroom

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