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Sleep plays an important part in the development of kids. Some kids like to sleep all day long, but then, there are some hyperactive kids, who don’t have an off switch. They will play, cry, eat, go to the bathroom multiple times, but they just don’t go to sleep. Kids tend to reverberate much faster than adults do, so it is very hard at times for parents to handle kids who are insomniac. Parents whose kids have a habit of waking up all night as if the night party is going on are the worst sufferers. Adequate sleep is necessary for kids to develop skills and patience, which will help them on a countless number of occasions in the future. A rested kid is way better than a tired kid. Parents need to understand that if the child an awake child needs his/her sleep, and it is just that he/she doesn’t know it.

It may surprise parents when they get to know that kids are good sleepers by birth. The reason why children don’t sleep at night is because of loneliness. Parents who have given their toddlers a separate room should reconsider this decision for a small period of time. Eventually, the kids have to start sleeping alone, but by the time they are little and feel scared, one of the parents must accompany the child, so that he/she can have a sound sleep. A child feels safe because he/she knows that there is someone to take care of him/her.

Every child has his/her own speed to learn how to learn to fall asleep at the right time. But, what parents can do is create an environment ideal for sleeping. It may take some time for kids to develop a habit of sleeping on their own, but till then, parents need to help them in every possible way.

Here are some steps that parents can follow to help their kids develop the right sleeping habit:

  1. Keep the last few hours before bed calm and quiet.
  2. It is essential to follow the same routine every night, but make sure the routine promotes sleep and not fun.
  3. Help kids set their biological clock, the one that automatically sends the signal to the brain as to when to wake up and when to sleep. The earlier they set this clock, the better it is.
  4. Parents need to set up a cozy bed for their kids. Any discomfort would not let kids sleep properly. Also, there shouldn’t be any sort of noise around the room. Add a zero-watt bulb in the room so that children don’t get scared at night.
  5. If the kids need a snack right before going to sleep, then parents must get that snack for them. Many times, the kids wake up in the middle of the night because they are hungry, so if parents can provide them with a snack, then it will ensure sound and uninterrupted sleep for kids.
  6. Parents should not put their kids to sleep too early. Sleeping at the right time is important and if they take the evening nap, then it won’t be easy to make them sleep at night.
  7. Parents need to ensure that kids get enough sunshine, fresh air and physical exercise during the day. Let them feel nature and get exhausted in a natural way. This will help them sleep for a longer duration of hours at night. TV time should be at its minimum because that makes them mentally tired and not physically.
  8. Make changes to your sleeping time and place temporarily. Kids have a habit of sleeping with someone. They just can’t sleep alone. It will be a tough time for parents until kids learn how to sleep alone. Most parents try to be over-smart. They sleep with their kids, and when kids are in deep sleep, they go away to their own room. Later that night, the kids come looking for them. This ruins everybody’s sleep.

These are some of the points that parents have to keep in mind if they want their kids to learn how to sleep properly. It will take some time, but they are going to learn when to sleep.

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