Ten Fabulous Tips For Parents To Celebrate Their Child’s First Christmas

October 30, 2015

Winter season is knocking on the door and one can feel the cool winds at the dawn and dusk. In no time, people will be seen getting ready for the world’s most cherished time, Christmas and the New Year. For the couples, who have recently entered into the world of parenthood, it will be an exciting time because they will celebrate Christmas with their adorable and lovely infant. So, it needs to be special, something that all of them remember for the rest of their lives. Kids have a deep connection with Christmas because they get mesmerized by the stories of Santa Claus coming from the North Pole on his one horse open sleigh and a bag full of amazing gifts. So, parents have to prepare something special for their kids’ first time Christmas celebration.

Are you looking for some great ideas? Why not try these!

  • Get a holiday card for your child: What parents mostly do is, they whip out their kids’ photos every chance they get. Undoubtedly, holiday cards are the best way to foist the innocent beauty and adorableness on all the near and dear ones. Different types of cards with delightful patterns and designs are surely going to make things a lot more interesting.
  • Cute, little Christmas PJs: In the upcoming days, parents are going to see shops racked up with an extensive range of attires for kids. So, capitalize on that abundant variety, and gift your baby a glittery, colorful Christmas PJs. You can get a unisex PJ, just in case you are planning for another kid as well.
  • Try looking for a gorgeous stocking: Don’t be cheap while buying a stocking because you are going to pull it out in the years to come, so get a nice one. You need to look for a roomy and comfortable.
  • Plan out your own way to celebrate Christmas: You have seen your parents and siblings doing different things on the Christmas Eve. Now, you have a family, so make your own traditions that you think would bring everybody together on this auspicious night. Let me give you a tip or two on what new traditions you can make. You can make a ritual to read the same holiday book each year or watch a holiday special movie. This way, the entire family can enjoy the occasion.
  • Don’t forget to visit Santa: The answer to a question, ‘how to make Christmas interesting for kids?’ lies in the laps of Santa. If you really want to make things exciting and joyful for your kids, then make sure that you take them to the Santa. They will love that portly red guy.
  • Add Keepsake ornaments on the Christmas tree: This is the first time that you’re celebrating Christmas with your child, so you can commemorate the moment with a sweet ornament. You can add a pic of your child along with his/her name.
  • Photo Op: Do you know that your child is at the perfect age to get a countless number of great snaps? Well, it’s hard to make a baby get into the frame, but when he/she does, the picture becomes a memorable one. Don’t worry about the poses; just try to click pictures in the natural light and use Christmas tree or anything related to Christmas as the background.
  • Gifting an Heirloom: Gifting toys are too old-fashioned these days. You must think about something unique, something your child would keep lifelong and pass it to the next generation. A locket, keepsake box or snow globe are some of the most prominent choices. You can visit a jewellery shop to get better ideas.
  • Traveling on Christmas? Try to make it less painful for your child: What do parents do when they have to travel to their own parents’ house for Christmas celebration? They weigh themselves by over packing stuff. By stuff I mean, diapers and more diapers! The standard formula for diapers is, one for every hour of travel.
  • Let your child enjoy his/her first Christmas: Surround your baby with his/her favorite toys and let him/her enjoy the occasion. Don’t forget to start the tradition of hanging the sock by the Christmas tree at night, before the Christmas day and putting a special gift in it.

These tips will surely help you prepare for your child’s very first Christmas day celebration. As a parent, there is nothing else you desire than your child laughing and enjoying all the special occasions.

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  • Kabirat
    November 11, 2017 at 1:43 am

    Woah! I love these ideas. My husband and I just welcomed a new baby and we've been wondering how the Christmas would turn out. This is a perfect suggestion and I can't wait to try it. Oh and your daycare should expect a new and cute student next year. Lol


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