Top Five Most Important Fitness Games for Kids

September 23, 2015

Physical and healthy activities are important benefit of sports involvement. Children often expend too much time watching Cartoons on TV or playing games on  computer, IPAD, Xbox, Nintendo,PlayStation , you name it …  but physical sports activities and games provide a leisure for exercise that can help keep kids in shape and healthy. Although there are a few games that result in kid’s fitness in early ages.

Sometimes even child gets tired of practicing formal activities related to their health but if we join sports exercise and games together in one activity then this would be the most preferable choice for kids to practice. It appears as a game for children but it also has hidden healthy benefits about which children are NOT aware.

Such fitness games are now becoming popular in schools, day cares and kindergartens in Canada.

Now educational sectors realized importance of such extra curriculum along with studies. As it keeps kid’s mind fresh and on the other hand they never get bored from studies. At the growing age of a children, parents or guardian that (includes schools) should be aware of activities necessary for proper children’s nourishment.

Here is a list of Five Most Important Fitness Games that are currently practiced in schools, kindergartens & day cares in Canada. Also it should be preferable in every educational sector.

  • Run, Run Chicken
  • Socks
  • Rotten Egg
  • Ghost in the Graveyard

Let’s delve into the guidelines of these fitness games about how it endeavors? And how it’s valuable for kid’s fitness? Thenceforth you will get better perception about these games and you can facilely understand rules and let your child to habituate


In this Game we divide the children into more than one team. Give each team an area to protect, clearly marked with tape, lines or chalk drawn in the ground. Give every kid a piece of paper to wad it into a ball-shaped. On the scream of “Go” the kids throw their rolled paper or wad to the other team’s area. On the shriek of “Stop” the kids count the numbers of wad balls on either side. The matter is to have the finical number of paper wads. Do you notice this game is beneficial in two cases? Firstly, working with the team and secondly, performing actions related to arts

  1. Run, Run Chicken

In this game the kids run from one safe area to other, during that period one catcher comes between & yells the name of the game (aforesaid), by this he/she is actually alerting rest of the kids run into mid space. Anyone caught becomes partner of the catchers for the next round, continues until all are captured and the game begins from the start. Benefit of this game is having running exercise. You see kids are enjoying in capturing each other and exercise is being practiced along with game .They never realize either they are tired or not.

  1. Socks

Kindergarten, preschools children loves this game and generally don’t care about the guidelines. They love the grabbing & chasing each other – Laura Richen Baugh. Anyone who wants to play fastens an old sock in the back of their coat or shirt not in a belt loop or any place that could cause a body problem. There is one catcher who doesn’t has sock and has to get one. For this purpose he/she hunts other to do so.

  1. Rotten Eggs

Years ago, kids made up this game by their own. One Kid will be Rotten Egg and everyone else who intends to play tries to capture that person. If you don’t intend to play, you just finish running, and if you’re the Rotten Egg & exhausted, you cutoff and any other can tag you & game continues evenly from where it starts.

  1. Ghost in a graveyard

One kid is acting as a ghost. The rest of kids lie in their “graves” veiling their eyes & counting to 10 or more as the ghost obscure. Once the counting is ceased, everybody starts to seek the hidden ghost. The first kid who catches the ghost shriek, “Ghost in the graveyard!” & all dispatch to their grave. If anyone gets captured while he/she is running toward his grave, lies down and hides his eyes becomes the new ghost. This game also teaches kids to secure themselves from evils (robbers etc.)


Do you have more games ideas? Please leave your reply below, in the Comment section.

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