Five Strategies To Keep A Lid On Kids Bad Behavior

September 19, 2016

Handling small kids is a tough task for parents especially when they are less than three years of age. They are still in the process of how to control the emotions and behavior. Parents are going to witness all sorts of things like kids throwing food, breaking things, biting when they are mad, having meltdowns and scribble on the furniture.

Controlling emotions and learning how to behave is something that even older kids sometimes find hard to determine. It is difficult to prevent children from acting out whether they are two years old or ten years old. So, what are we going to learn today is, the five strategies that all parents can use to prevent misbehavior in their kids. These strategies are not restricted to children of any particular age group, so parents can use it the same strategy if they have two kids with a significant difference in the ages.

  1. Connect

One of the primary reasons for children to act out is the feeling of loneliness from their parents. When they don’t feel connected with their parents, they snap. Then, parents can see all sorts of misbehavior such as, biting, breaking things and so on. From inside, they are scared or hurt. So, parents need to make sure that the connection is always there regardless of how busy the schedule has been lately.

Parents would feel a bit surprised after knowing that children get motivation to behave from their connection with the parents. This is the reason that the emphasis has been given on establishing the connection. If there is a deep connection between parents and children, then parents can easily influence children to behave properly. It is easier to set limits and tell children about those when there is a strong connection.

  1. Play

Children have a very unique of processing their emotions. They do it through play, so if children are indulged into throwing games, then they will be able to satisfy their impulses, which make them violent. There are all sorts of games available on the market, plus some games don’t require any special apparatus. You can use the stuff from your house and create an interesting game. The main motive is to channel that negative and powerful energy into the game. Parents have to keep in mind that, the more their children laugh, the lesser will be their misbehavior.

  1. Help him with emotions

Parents need to help their children learn emotions. Kids get anxious when they find themselves surrounded by things that make them feel bad. It is important for parents to check that the connection between them and their kids is made. If the connection is lost, then they won’t co-operate, ignore all the signs given by parents and lash out. Parents need to muster as much compassion as they can in order to help child surface and express his/her upsetting emotions. Parents yell at their children when they do something real bad, but parents must get back to the compassionate mode once they see that their children are about to cry. Children won’t immediately come into the arms of their parents, but they will show their anger. So, parents need to keep their compassionate mode on until their children completely melts down and start expressing themselves.

  1. Be empathizing while setting limits

Parents have the right to set limits for their children, but it is important to guide children as well. Parents who want their kids to follow them should determine their perspective first. If parents can know why children are doing a certain wrong thing or what made them do that, then rectifying the issue will be a lot easier.

  1. Regulate your own emotions

Kids don’t know how to express their emotions, and when they go mad about something, they do all sorts of foolish things. But, if parents react to their actions and also start performing stupidly, then things get worse. So, parents need to keep a lid on their wild emotions because only then, they will be able to teach their kids the difference between right and wrong.

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