When you see a daycare centre, you feel relieved because you know that kids are safe in these centres and they are going to learn a lot there. The importance of infant daycare centres has increased in recent years because parents don’t have time to take care of their children all day. They have other important tasks to do, so taking care of children takes the back seat. This has affected the warmth that children used to get from their mothers because mothers have hardly any time to devote to their kids.

But, thanks to the daycare centres, things are somewhat in control for kids, as they get to spend quality time under the supervision of experienced and trained caregivers who are passionate about helping kids.

But, it is extremely important for parents to take a look at certain factors before enrolling their children in any daycare facility.

  1. The structural features of the infant daycare facility that includes the premises space, types of equipment used, number of kids, staff-kids ratio, formal training of the staff.
  2. The dynamic aspects, which include the interactions between the staff and the kids, and in between the kids. Also, the sharing of the experiences is included in the dynamic aspects.
  3. Then, comes the contextual features, which include the stability of the staff, type of establishment and the yearly turnover.
  4. These factors are very important and every parent should pay attention to it, as after all, it is a matter of the health and well-being of children.

A crucial thing about the care centres having larger groups is that the caregivers in such centres spend more time in performing management related jobs or maintaining the decorum in the premises. They hardly indulge in any personal interaction with the kids, so there is no sharing of cognitive language with the kids. It is pivotal to ensure stimulation in kids because only then, they will be able to learn more.

If the experience and the expertise of the caregivers are not up to the mark, then it could have severe impacts on the kids. One of the primary reasons that kids are going to daycare centres is to develop their mental skills. But, if the skills of the caregivers are not at the desired level, then how can one expect them to ameliorate the skills of kids.

Moreover, the overloaded rooms are another reason to worry because kids need a spacious and healthy environment to think and to try out new things, but if the room is fully occupied by kids with no supervision, then that’s going to do no good for any kid that is present in that room. It is imperative for every caregiver to have at least a bachelor’s degree in that field where he/she can take on the job as a caregiver.

Regarding the groups, it is better to have smaller groups consisting of around 5-6 kids in each group.

The reason working parents choose infant daycare centres

The main motive why parents opt for these child care centres is that they get an assurance that their kids will remain safe inside the walls of the infant daycare facility in Newmarket, but when they see the incompetent caregivers, they start to have second thoughts about the efficiency of the centre. Therefore, it is extremely important for daycare centres to make sure that the staff is competent, passionate and responsible. Having all these features will ensure mental and physical development in the kids along with cognitive abilities.

Evaluation is must

It becomes an utmost important duty of the working parents to evaluate the operation and quality of the daycare centre where they are planning to enrol their child in, or have already enrolled their child. It is recommended to only choose the licensed daycare centres who have an uncompromising policy on the quality part. This will ensure a great development in the kids both physically and mentally.

Parents can go online and search for the best infant daycare facility that has covered all the above-mentioned features in the best way.

Why Diana Daycare in Newmarket?

We devote our energies to creating a fun and loving environment whilst delivering the best in childcare and education

Diana Daycare in Newmarket is considered by many to be the top home Daycare in Newmarket. We offer CCTV (Closed Circuit TV monitoring ) for the entire facility, home-made food and a big NO to junk food as well as no pets and a focus on providing a strong Ontario curriculum.

When children graduate from Diana Daycare in Newmarket, they are prepared for school: they are able to read and write and are completely ready to be integrated into their first grade in school.

That’s why all students from Diana Daycare are always a step ahead compared to the other kids who join their first grade in school.

  • Affordable Daycare
  • Long Day Care
  • Qualified Early Childhood Educator ( Licensed ECE )
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Air-conditioned premises
  • No smoking facility
  • A positive learning environment for your child
  • Good reputation (satisfied parents – daycare reviews here)
  • Qualified, caring staff
  • Healthy food
  • Clean, safe facilities
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Outdoor playground
  • Indoor Playroom

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