Home Daycares Vs. Daycare Centres

October 22, 2015

What is it that makes home daycare different and most importantly, special? What facilities do a home daycare offers that are absent in a normal daycare centre? Well, the answers to these questions and many more will be provided today. Parents who are confused whether to choose a home daycare facility or a daycare centre for their kids will be able to make a pertinent decision. Let’s start with daycare centres.

What is a daycare centre?

A daycare centre is a specialized facility where kids from all around the city come and spend time under the supervision of trained and experienced professionals. Some parents cover a driving distance of 15-20 minutes to drop their kids off at the daycare centre, then leave off to their respective jobs. The reason that parents agree to take all the hassles is due to the security of their children. They want their kids to learn, eat and play within the boundaries of a safe and secured building. Parents prefer to choose a reputed daycare centre and they can spend more than desired money for getting their kids enrolled in a renowned and established daycare centre.

Home daycare: what is it?

As the name suggests, home daycare is a facility that is run by someone in the neighborhood. Many parents don’t want to drop off their kids to daycare centres that are too far away, or all daycare centres are fully booked and they cannot accommodate more children – so they have to chose home daycares in Newmarket.

There are many advantages of choosing home daycares:

  • Parents can check on their kids if they are fine, provide them with their favorite food and more.
  • The kids remain under the supervision of someone that parents usually talk to.
  • Home daycares provide a great opportunity for the families to increase their sources of income.
  • If the reputation of the family is good, then people living in the neighborhood will not have any problem handing over their kids to them.
  • Though, home daycares lag the quality of facilities, but parents don’t have any complaints.

Final Conclusion: Which is better a home daycare or a public daycare centre?

Daycare centres are precisely made to take care of children. The employees working in daycare centres are professionally trained individuals that take the most comprehensive care of children. There are many different activities for children to perform at the daycare centres. These things may not be provided by home daycare facilities, but there are many exclusive advantages that home daycares have and daycare centres don’t. The comfort of a friendly environment, known faces of the people and proximity to own house are the three outstanding features of home daycares. So, after looking at all the features, advantages and disadvantages of both, daycare centres and home daycares, it is clear that home daycares are better option for kids. There are many reasons to back this decision.

  • Home daycares are operated by a family that lives in the neighborhood, so there are hardly any obligations when it comes to enrolling your child.
  • Kids are already accustomed to the environment, as they live in the same locality. They just have to go to another house for a few hours, so that their mom and dad can go to work.
  • In case, there are more kids in the home daycare, then it’s much better, as your child will already know those kids. So, they can get along in a great way.
  • The number of children in a home daycare facility is less than the daycare centres. So, if there is a sick child in the facility, then the chances of other children getting sick are lower.
  • The sick child can be sent back to his/her home, as it is just a couple of minutes away from the home daycare facility.

It is important for parents while looking for home daycare to check that they have the best facilities for kids. The scenario can change if the home daycare fails to provide the desired care for the children. On the other hand, if there is a reputed daycare centre nearby your residence, then you must check it out as well. Who knows, maybe your child feels better in a daycare centre than at home daycare. Just keep the above mentioned points in mind, as they will help you make a better decision.

Why Diana Daycare in Newmarket?

We devote our energies to creating a fun and loving environment whilst delivering the best in childcare and education

Diana Daycare in Newmarket it is considered by many to be the top home Daycare in Newmarket. We offer CCTV (Closed Circuit TV monitoring ) for the entire facility, home-made food and a big NO to junk food as well as no pets and a focus on providing a strong Ontario curriculum.

When children graduate from Diana Daycare in Newmarket, they are prepared for school: they are able to read and write and are completely ready to be integrated into their first grade in school.

That’s why all students from Diana Daycare are always a step ahead compared to the other kids who join their first grade in school.

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    August 13, 2017 at 10:47 am

    DianaDayCare is the best home daycare in Newmarket! It offers great comfort and relaxation for kids, it provides healthy foods and has a 24hours cctv that helps monitor kids to be sure they are safe. I trust them and all my kids have gone through the day care before enrolling in schools. Trust me, your kids will thank you for taking them to this home daycare.

  • Diana
    January 14, 2018 at 1:31 pm

    Thank you very much Dammy ! You are the best :) As we discussed previously, let me know when your friend want to sign up for my daycare program. I cannot hold the spot for too long. Thank you again for the great review !!!


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