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Busy schedules and huge workload are making it difficult for parents to focus on their children. But, parents must look after children, or else, bad things can happen. All parents want to get the best daycare facilities for their children where they remain safe under the surveillance of professionals, plus learn new things every day. Newmarket, a town located in the Ontario province of Canada has numerous daycare centers, which makes it more confusing for the parents because they can’t decide which ones offer good services and which ones don’t. Parents can’t afford to take chances when choosing a daycare center because after all, it is about the safety of their kids. So, here are some tips on how to choose the best daycare facility for your children in Newmarket, Ontario.

  • Visit the daycare center: Well, to check whether the daycare facility does what it says, it is better to pay a visit to the center. Pay close attention to the floor because that’s where you find the most important clue whether the caregivers working in the daycare facility are serious about their jobs or not. As we all know, children play on the floor, so caregivers have to be on the floor playing with children or feeding them. If you don’t see this, then immediately get out of the premises and move to another daycare facility.
  • Experience of caregivers: Children don’t make friends easily. It takes time to win the hearts of children, so when you choose a daycare center in Newmarket, make sure the caregivers are experienced and have a long-term contract. A periodic change of the staff will affect the children as they will have to start over with the relationship building with the new caregivers.
  • Check out their policies: You need to check out whether the caregivers use time-outs and scolding. Does the television remain on all the time or used sparingly? What type of snacks are being offered to the children. Do they contain vital nutrients or just fats and carbs? What’s the time for naps for children? You should also inquire about the treatment given to a sick child and measures adopted to keep the sick child away from others so that the virus doesn’t get transferred to other children. You should ask all the questions that strike your mind to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.
  • Become a spy: For children, parents can become James Bond if required. So, you can follow the same and spy on the daycare center to check whether their services are as same as they mentioned to you in the meeting. You have to secretly check whether the daycare center premises are clean or not. A daycare center must be stocked with books that children like to read and toys. The daycare authorities have to make sure that the books are not heavy and the corners of the bindings are not sharp. Similarly, the toys should be made from safe materials because children have a habit of putting everything in the mouth. Moreover, the toys should not be heavy and have tapered and smooth edges. The mood of your child will tell the story, whether he/she was comfortable at the daycare center or not.
  • Be in touch with the caregiver: Communication is extremely important until your child starts talking. You have to keep asking the caregiver about the routine your child follows at the daycare center and all other stuff like what he/she had in the breakfast and lunch and so on. If you can’t go and ask the caregiver personally every day, then you can perhaps give a call to him/her. But, it is important to be in touch with the caregiver.
  • Observe and decide: If you observe that your child is not happy at the current daycare center, then you should probably look for another daycare center. Don’t worry about the adjustments that your child has to make in the new environment because children are quite resilient, as long as they are having a positive experience with the new caregiver.

These are the six essential tips that you have to follow when choosing the best home daycare in Newmarket for your child. You can opt for your own methods as well, as long as they get you the desired results. The most important thing is to find a safe daycare for your child where he/she can easily make a connection with the caregiver.

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