How Television Affects Nutrition In Children?

December 07, 2015

Children in the growing age are quite difficult to manage. There are two things in particular that parents need to keep an eye on, which are;

  • Nutrition and
  • Television.

As a parent of a small child, you must be thinking how these things are linked together, so we will discuss about these in this post. Usually, kids run away from the food that is being given to them.

This is where television can play a decisive role, as a number of researches that has been done in the past show that television has the power to influence the minds of the children. The advertisements shown on the television can help build a long-term relationship between children and nutrition. The disappointing thing is that the advertisements shown on the TV promote junk food that is anything but healthy.

Food Preferences 

Ad creators are smart people who deeply analyze before creating an ad. They exactly know how to influence the minds of the children with nutrition. They know that influencing and manipulating food preferences is going to make kids demand and eat the food they are selling. These advertisements play a crucial role in establishing a routine diet, whether healthy or unhealthy. They leave the health of the children in the hands of parents. If anything bad happens, parents are the only one to blame, which is quite unfair.


Exposure to the advertisements and markets help children learn about new food items. If children are exposed to a wider range of food items, they won’t become picky eaters. Also, the type of food being stored in the kitchen or the refrigerator affects the minds of the children. Parents role become crucial, as they are the ones who decide what should come into the home. They can control it, but when kids eat out with their pocket money, then that is something, which creates a problem for parents. So, what parents can do is, they can talk with day carers or school teachers and tell them to only include healthy food items in canteens.

An advantage of reputed child care services is that they only keep the top quality and healthy food items in the menu, so that kids eat nutrients enriched food. It is important to know that children start developing taste preferences at the age of 2-3 years and these preferences remain as it is throughout their childhood and sometimes, their entire lives.


Children are great observers and what they see on the television or by observing parents, teachers or day carers. While parents, teachers and day carers may have a positive effect on the food choices made by the children, but television often does not.

As everybody can see that television is full of advertisements related to food (chips, drinks, fries and other junk food). The viewers of these advertisements are mostly children, so it is pretty much evident that they will get attracted to such kind of food. There is a strong connection between the television and unhealthy food habits of the children.


This is where parents have to intervene and teach children about the good and bad things of such food. It is somewhat hard to change the influence overnight, but regular lessons will help them get away from junk food.

Parents can ask questions about the ads they like the most. If they find that kids are liking advertisements related to junk food products, then they can teach them how that food is prepared and the disadvantages of eating such food. Parents can keep an eye on what their kids watch on TV or reduce the TV watching time. This will make kids irritated, but at least they will remain healthy.

Also, bring some cartoon videos that promote eating of nutrient enriched food. Home daycare centres and schools also have to pay attention to what’s being cooked at their premises. It has to be a combined effort of both, parents and day carers or teachers to initiate the love for healthy food in children and hatred for junk food.

This information will help parents handle their kids in a better way and make them eat healthy food by choice and not by force.

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