Tips To Encourage Children To Eat Healthy And Nutritious Food

October 13, 2015

Are you one of those parents who keep running behind their children, so that they can complete their meals? Well, it is quite relieving to know that you are not alone and there are many parents who are suffering from the same issue. There is nothing more important for parents than their kids, so they can’t just turn their faces off. They have to find alternatives in order to feed their kids with the right type of food, which is not just about carbs and fat, but other vital nutrients as well. We all know that junk food joints are located near schools and daycares in Newmarket. Fries, cola, burgers and steak are what kids usually like.

Are Parents The Real Culprits For Bad Eating Habits Of Children?

Parents have a major role to play in the liking of junk food in children. Kids only do what they see, so when they see their parents eating pizzas, burgers, fries and other junk food, they demand the same. Parents also put these items on their kids’ plates, and that’s where an endless chain of junk food eating starts.

Food Served In Schools And Day Cares

Even schools and day cares are serving junk food to kids, so in a day, kids are eating junk food in most meals. When kids are served veggies and other nutritious food, they run away from it. This need to be stopped and a balance has to be maintained between nutritious food and junk food. It is important for parents, school and daycare authorities to ensure that junk food is served occasionally and not on a regular basis. Moreover, kids should be introduced to the veggies and other nutritional items in such a way that they like it.

Here are some ways on how to make nutritional food delicious as well.

Plan A Proper Schedule

Kids need food after a gap of 3-4 hours; three proper meals, two snacks and lots of liquids. Kids eat junk food because they get to eat only three times; morning, afternoon and night. So, in order to keep them away from junk food, give them something nutritional like carrots, yogurt, pretzels and similar type of food items, which are tasty and have nutritional value as well.

Learn How To Cook Quickly

If you are a working parent and can’t cook special every time for supper, then you need to search for such meals that can be prepared in 15-20 minutes. There are many things like beans and potato or mix vegetable consisting of beans, peas, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, capsicum and tofu or cottage cheese. Prepare it in the wok and add tangy sauces to make it a finger-licking delight. You can use this dish as a filling for tortillas and your kids will enjoy it.

Introduce New Food, But Slowly

If your kid is in the influence of junk food, then it is hard to change his/her habits overnight. If your kid is going in one of the best local daycare centres, then you have to discuss the issue with them and plan out something to change your kid’s habit of eating junk food. What you can do is, make a sandwich and add veggies under the layer of mayonnaise and cheese. Add multiple sauces to maintain the taste and I’m sure that your kid is going to bring an empty lunchbox. If the daycare centre provides food to the children, then they can do the same.

Indulge Kids In Cooking

If the age of your kid is more than 6 or 7, then let him/her cook the food with you. Just keep an eye on whatever they do because there are many things in a kitchen that could harm them. Cooking food on their own will help them understand about the dish, plus a little guidance about the benefits of the vegetables will make them eat the food on a regular basis.

Don’t Keep Junk Food At Home

If junk food is present in your refrigerators or cupboards, kids are going to eat it. If they see it, they will eat it. So, don’t bring the junk food at home, or if you want to eat it, then make sure you eat it in one meal.

These five points are the ones that I think will prove really useful in making your kids eat the healthy and nutritional food. You have to be patient with your kids because they won’t change overnight, but if you keep following the right procedures, such as these, then, they will be on the right track soon.

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