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  • What should be the calorie requirements of your child?
  • Which food items your child should eat on a daily basis?

These are some questions you need an answer to. A child who is 1-3 years old needs 40 calories per inch. A child who is 2 ft. 5 inches tall needs about 1100 calories, which is equivalent to the calorie intake by adult women who are mothers and maybe trying to lose weight. Here are a few things that you have to keep in mind while putting food on the table for your toddlers.

  1. Fat in your toddler’s diet is imperative

Your toddler has the capability to eat fat, lots of fat, so you have to put food on the table that contains a good amount of fat content. In order to develop the brain, your toddler needs to consume fat. If you deprive your child fat at this moment of time, then he/she will not be able to learn and think. It is different between junk food and the food that contains fat, so you must know about this difference.

  1. Toddlers diet is different than adults

What you eat on a daily basis should not be given to the children because you are already a grown-up person, but your child is still in his/her growing period. The food should contain vegetables, fruits, meat, sweets, and milk. Vegetable servings should be three whereas other things need to be served twice a day. Children like to eat junk food, but you must make sure that junk food intake is as low as possible. Junk food is not good for the growing muscles and body parts and can sprout a number of diseases in your toddler.

  1. The right balance of fat, protein, and carbohydrates needs to be there.

The food you put on the table needs to be high in protein, fat, and carbohydrates. But, the quantity needs to be controlled or else your child will suffer from a wide number of diseases. If the carbohydrates level is high, then the high volume of insulin is released that results in obesity and diabetes. Fat and protein content needs to be high because fat helps develop the brain quickly and protein is good for the growth of muscles, blood vessels, tissues, and nerves.

Keep a check on what your child is consuming on a daily basis so that he/she doesn’t suffer from obesity and diabetics.

  1. Toddler’s food serving needs more nutrition

Whatever you are serving to your child should have more nutrition. By nutritious food I mean, more vegetables, fruits, salads and such things. Your kid should not suffer from any deficiency, so it is your duty to fulfil his/her nutrient-related needs. Iron and zinc deficiency can occur when the protein level is not present in the food items. If there is a sufficient level of protein, then your child will have detoxification ability as well, which will protect him/her from environmental toxins.

If you are not sure what to serve to your child, then you can take the help of a paediatrician. An experienced paediatrician will make a proper diet for your child, which you have to follow in the same manner. If your child is going to a daycare centre Newmarket, then you have to go check whether the food served over there is appropriate or not. A daycare centre has the responsibility of hundreds and thousands of children, so they must make healthy and nutrients enriched food. You can ask the authorities working at a daycare centre as to what they prepare every day for children. If you are satisfied with the food and its preparation, only then you should let your child stay in that daycare centre.


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