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Going to the toilet is a part of everybody’s routine. There are certain morning essentials that need to be done in order to start the day properly. Where adults know that they have to brush their teeth, use the toilet and bath/shower, kids need to be taught about these things. If the child is feeling like going to the toilet every morning, then it can be very easy for parents, but it doesn’t happen usually. Parents have to tell their children repeatedly that they need to go to the toilet, or else, they will feel uncomfortable in the daycare centre or the kindergarten in which they will go.

Parents don’t bother much about infants, as they wear diapers, but when children grow up and didn’t feel the need for diapers, parents want them to become self-sufficient in order to use the toilet. But, switching from diapers to becoming self-sufficient is not an easy task. Parents don’t have to toilet train their kids, but they need to create certain conditions in which children can learn automatically that they need to go to the toilet.

Here are the steps that parents can take help from to make their children self-sufficient to take the poop:

  1. Start with reading toilet related books with your child.
  2. Let the child know what you are doing in the bathroom so that he/she doesn’t feel weird.
  3. Allow your child to see his/her friend or an older cousin using the toilet. You can also put a small bulls-eye inside the potty, and tell your child to hit it.
  4. It will be better if your child can have a potty in every bathroom of the house. By doing this, your child can practice sitting whenever he/she wants.
  5. You should not hurry to make your child begin with this habit. You should only encourage your kid to sit comfortably on the toilet with clothes on. Make your child comfortable while he/she takes the poop. There should be a few books in the bathroom, which your child can read to pass the time in the toilet. You should not force the child to stay in the bathroom or sit on the potty.
  6. You should ask the child whether he/she wants to sit on the potty with his/her clothes on or without them. The motive is to get comfortable at the time of taking a poop. Just make the child feel that this is like any other task he/she does such as eating breakfast, playing games and so on.
  7. If your child is accustomed to sitting on the potty, then you should dump the feces of the diaper into the potty each time the diaper is changed. You should explain to the child that what he/she is doing in the diaper needs to be done in the potty. Let the child know that whenever he/she feels like peeing or pooping, just call me or straightaway go to the toilet and sit on the potty. Also, tell the child to flush after using the toilet and turn the water-jet on to maintain the hygiene in the body.
  8. Applaud the child but don’t create hype over the potty thing. You can admire your child personally, but there is no need to beat the drum all over the house. It may cause anxiety in the child, and the next time he/she goes into the toilet, he/she may not be able to perform the process in the right way.
  9. You should only bring the underwear into the discussion when your child talks about it. There is no need to rush into wearing underwear.
  10. You should notice the signs that your child is about to defecate. There will always be certain signs, and you will be able to figure them out. Let the child know that the best and the only place to poop in the bathroom and no other place. Pooping in the diaper was a thing of the past, and from now, the only place to defecate is the ‘bathroom’.

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