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Daycare centres are not just a place where kids go and pass their time. No, the Canadian council on learning has issued a report in which it is clearly mentioned that learning will be a crucial part of the home daycare centres, as it will change the way kids live, learn and grow. Just watching television or playing with dolls, cars or bikes are not good for kids. Though it is not mentioned to remove these things from the routine of kids, the need of the time is to add games and activities that develop skills in kids.

From the future perspective, it is extremely important to ensure the development of the brain in kids, and this can only be done by introducing interactive games and fun activities into the daily routines of the kids. In the Newmarket region, more and more kids continue to come to daycare facilities. Therefore the daycare staff needs to ensure that they have a wide range of games and activities, which can develop skills in kids.

Daycare is not just for the safety of your kids, but for skills development as well!

Every daycare facility takes extra care of the safety measures, so full marks given to them for that, but today, a daycare facility is supposed to educate and teach kids how to socialize and entertain. It has been observed that most toddlers and pre-schoolers emphasize entertainment rather than learning. For them, a daycare centre is a place to play games, watch cartoons and have fun. Many top home daycares in Newmarket have an extensive range of games and activities to keep kids busy as well as entertained. These activities vary according to the age of the kids.

  • Crafts: Pre-schoolers can take part in this activity. Crafts allow kids to display their creativity, plus it keeps them busy as well. Seasonal crafts are quite popular along with objects made from old boxes and makeshift piggy banks.
  • Silly Putty: Playing with Silly Putty is always fun. It is better when you make it and then, play with it. In this, take one part of liquid starch and two parts of glue and mix it. Leave it to dry and then, play with it.
  • Sharks in the water: Kids love playing sharks in the water. In this game, draw a big square on the floor, which will be considered the safe zone or the island. Everything outside the square is the ocean. The game is similar to musical chairs, as all the kids will swim around the island and be inside the island when the music stops. This game teaches kids how to work together and adjust to the small space allotted to them. The island will become smaller and smaller as the game progresses.
  • Mirror Mirror: This is a mimicking game where a leader is chosen and everybody has to mimic his/her movements. Kids will learn how to respond quickly to the movements and mimic it flawlessly.
  • Let’s Pretend: This is a physical game in which kids will pretend as if they are different animals or objects. They have to squat, skip, run, and jump as part of the game.
  • Keep it up: In this, the kids have to blow up several balloons. You can encourage kids to work together and keep the balloons up in the air. You can modify the rules as well to make things more interesting for the kids.
  • Ball Bounce: In this, kids will hold a large bed sheet or parachute from the edges with a ball on the sheet and taut. This game will improve coordination in the kids.

These games don’t require any expensive materials, so any daycare can include these games as a part of developing the skills in kids. There are many daycares in Newmarket that has already included games like these to educate and teach kids about some basic, but crucial things that will help them in the future. As a parent, it becomes your duty to check the daily routine plan set up by the daycare authorities for kids. If you find it satisfactory, only then enrol your child in that daycare centre. Top daycare centres have a spectacular daily routine plan, which includes several fun and learning activities for kids. Your kid is going to learn a lot in these daycare centres.

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