Four Tips To Ensure The Learning Flow In Your Child During Summer Season

March 10, 2016

With the start of the summer season, people start coming back to their normal lives. For adults, there is nothing new, as they have to do the same old work, which they have been doing in all these years. But for kids, the summer season comes with an opportunity to unwind the fun and enjoy some quality time with the fellow mates or family in the sun. Usually, it doesn’t get a lot sunny in Canada even during the peak summer days, so the kids would love to play under the sun.

Where most adults prefer to sit back and relax under the sun, but kids don’t like to sit in one place for too long and they need to do a certain activity to keep themselves busy. If you have been waiting desperately for the summer season, then it’s your time to have fun in the sun, but at the same time, you have to ensure that your child should continue to learn new things. Summer time also means vacation, so parents need to ensure that children should not break the continuity with the studies and mental development. Here are some activities that kids can do to ensure mental development during the exciting summer time.

Read Books

There is no better way than reading books to keep your kid stimulated during the summer season. What you can do is, you can determine the level of intellect of your child. Reading on a regular basis will help them stay stimulated through the entire season. Moreover, he/she will be able to grasp new information, which will eventually help him/her in the future endeavors. It would be better if you select a series because it will help him/her stay connected with the story in order to find what would happen next. Not to forget, books are easy to carry around, and you can bring to a beach, a park or any other place where you will sit and enjoy in the sun with your child.

Continue classroom activities

Most children prefer to do the activities that they have been doing throughout the year in the school. These activities include collage making, painting, calligraphy or any other activity. If your child is also looking to carry on with a certain activity, then you should let him/her do that activity because that gives your child a peace of mind.

Moreover, he/she is going to learn new things after performing that activity. The main motive for you is to integrate summer activities with the school activities. The same goes for the kids who go to home day care centres in Newmarket. Stimulation and mental development are the most important things that you need for your child. When your child stays connected with the school or home day care activities, then he/she won’t feel weird at the time of going back to the premises again.

Share New Experiences

Children remain curious about everything and in order to further boost their curiosity, you can expose your kid to new places, activities and sounds where you think they would learn new things. What you can do is, you can take your child to a local park, a lake or a zoo. Canada has many of them, so you won’t have any problem in finding the best spots where you can impart some knowledge in your child. A good thing for you is that, the Government of Canada has opened many Children’s Discovery Centre in the country where children can come and explore new things.

You should also share your experiences with your child in order to make him/her aware about new things in life. Ask as many questions as you can in order to stimulate the curiosity in your child. No complicated questions, but questions like; ‘what was the best part of the day’ or ‘what things you didn’t like in the food today’?

Camping trip

You can plan a camping trip with your child, as it will prove a milestone in the mental and physical development of your child. If you are busy, then you can enroll your child in a local camping program where he/she will learn a boatload of activities. But, make sure to check whether the safety aspects are taken by the camping authorities or not.

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