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As the cold weather intensifies, it is important for parents to keep their children safe,  interested and warm. Many parents become insensitive and force their kids to stay inside the house in order to stay warm and safe. They don’t realize that they can’t sit in one place and do nothing because they are kids and they always remain on their toes. The same kind of incidents can be seen in some of the home daycare facilities because kids get enrolled in daycare centres in order to perform different activities, not to sit idle and gossip.

At our Diana Daycare in Newmarket, we have a list of various activities to ensure your kids will stay busy all day.

In this article, we will be discussing the:

Top activities that kids can take part in under the supervision of either parents or day carers.

Build a Snowman

This is perhaps the most common and interesting activity to do during the winter season. Parents can create a competition in the locality and give prizes to the winners. The same can be done in the Newmarket daycare facility, and it will be great fun for the kids.

Teach knitting and sewing to kids

Parents and day carers can teach kids how to knit and sew plush toys, pillow covers, socks and other winter stuff. It is often that kids like this particular activity and it is safe as well.


This can be done at home, but it is more exciting if done in the daycare centres. Take the kids out into a place where it is allowed to set up a campfire. It can be set in the backyard as well, but make sure the city laws allow it. Kids are going to learn important lessons like co-operation, adjustment and having fun in a group. Kids can share stories and experiences of the past in order to entertain the entire group.

Beach fun

Seeing the sun during winters is rare, but in case, it is a bright sunny day, then take the kids to the beach and have fun in the sun. There is no need to go into the water, as it will be quite cold. Just take a sunbath and play beach games.

Snow soccer

After making sure that all the kids are properly covered with clothes, snow soccer can be a fun sport. Not just soccer, kids can have fun playing baseball and football as well. Playing all these sports will keep the body of the kids warm. Just keep in mind that always buy a bright coloured ball, so that it doesn’t get lost in the snow.


When it is snowing heavily outside, there is nothing that kids and day carers can do. Kids can solve puzzles in order to keep themselves busy and entertained. The puzzles are quite interesting for people of all ages.


Parents or day carers can teach their kids how to skate, only if their age of the kids is above 5 years. A good thing about winters is, people with innovative minds can find multiple sports to play. Skating is super-exciting if kids know how to do it in the right way.

Make a delicious hot drink

Kids who love to cook food can spend their time at home preparing a delicious drink like hot chocolate. Parents can also invite friends of their kids so that they can have fun together. Parents can help kids experiment by making white hot chocolate, dark chocolate or peppermint. Apart from hot chocolate, kids can prepare snacks as well.

Go hiking

Daycare facilities can plan a hiking trip in the woods or a nearby park. Kids can collect different items and glue them together in order to make a collage that depicts beautiful nature. Kids can click fascinating pictures of the wilderness and animals they come across. This will be one unforgettable experience for the kids.

Movie marathon

If the weather outside is not desirable, then it is better to stay warm inside and watch movies. Parents or day carers can play movies that kids love the most. This will pass their time and they won’t feel bored.

These are some of the great activities that kids can perform during winters. It is important to keep the outside weather in mind, as some activities are performed in the open. Parents and day carers have to keep in mind that kids are covered with clothes and all the safety measures have been taken.

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