Four Fabulous Tips To Stimulate Curiosity In Your Child

November 12, 2015

Exploring is a key aspect for mental growth in kids. The excitement to see, smell, touch and taste new things add priceless knowledge, which will help them become better individuals in the years to come. As a parent of a sweet little explorer, what can you do to set your child on the path to discover a number of beautiful things about the world? It is quite fascinating to see the excitement in the eyes of kids when they stumble across every new sight, object and sound.

It is important for parents to nourish their curiosity and ask important questions like- ‘how this thing work’ and ‘why does that work’? This will make kids more curious and of course, knowledgeable.

How can parents encourage the so called ‘curiosity’ to follow their little ones for the rest of their lives?

Reading books

Books are man’s best friends. This proverb is indeed true because the knowledge we get from books can’t be obtained from anywhere else. So, encourage your kids to read books. It doesn’t matter which books they read because the motive is to explore the vast area of land without leaving the room. A better idea would be to read the books together and ask questions to your child about what you’ve just read. You can ask unexpected questions in case you feel the comprehension skills of your child is strong. Indulge your child into the story. The same can be done in the day care centres where your child is spending most of his/her time.

Try New Things

As we all know that kids thrive on routine, but it is better to mix it up sometimes in order to get the best results. It is important to explain to your kids that there is more than one way to do things. Add some novelty in the conversations with your child about how everything works in the world we all live in. Many parents just say random things to their kids while they are having breakfast or watching TV or so. As a parent, you can tell them the source about the food they have prepared for the kids. For example; if you’ve ordered Chinese food, then you can tell them about Chinese herbs, sauces and ingredients. This will keep them interested about the world.

Take a different approach for boys and girls

Things that make girls curious may or may not excite boys, so you need to take a different approach to inject curiosity in girls and boys. You can consult with the child care provider in order to plan out things that make your kids curious. Where girls want to live in their fantasy world that has a princess, boys on the other hand want to be like superheroes. So, keeping the same approach for both, girls and boys may not prove to be successful in enhancing the curiosity levels.

Go to camps and trips

There is nothing better for kids to explore the world than going to camp. Many daycare centres pay extra attention towards trips and camps because they know that kids learn a lot when they are outside than just sitting inside and playing with toys. Let them go out and explore new things and have some fun with their peers. This will surely have a positive impact on them and they will gather abundance of new information.

These are some tips that you can follow in order to add a sense of curiosity in your child. Life without curiosity is like a car without gas. It won’t run, therefore it is your responsibility as a parent to surround your child with enough things that make him/her curious and excited. There are many benefits of doing it. Your child will have better social skills and he/she will be able to grab the centre spot in the group. Secondly, you’ll be able to know about his/her interests, likes and dislikes in a better way. If you have your own unique ways of stimulating the curiosity in your child, then you can definitely try those. It is a fact that children who remain curious are the ones that excel in the long run than those who are conservative and remain in their own confined world.

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