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Summertime is back and with its arrival comes back all those activities that you have been planning to do with your kids. Winter season is always harsh in Canada and there is nothing much to do except sitting inside the house. For kids, it is even more boring because kids usually stay active and they want to explore the surroundings, but when the temperature stays way below zero degrees, it becomes really hard for parents to let their children go outside and play.

But, that’s all gone for a while, as it is summertime, which means more sun, more fun and more excitement. But, where parents plan for certain outdoor activities, children, on the other hand, are busy playing computer games or PS4/Xbox. Therefore, it is very important for parents to find a way to stop addiction to computer games and gaming consoles.

If you are a parent of a highly active child living in Newmarket, Ontario, and want to divert your child’s attention towards an outdoor activity or multiple activities, then there are multiple places that you can take your child to. Today, we are going to discuss the three most popular places where kids can spend a great time. ‘Great’ is not a usual term here, but ‘great’ in this context means that your child will be so pleased with the fun and excitement of these spots that he/she will compel you to come back to these places every weekend.

In Play Inc.

A wide spectrum of activities awaits you and your child at In Play Inc. Despite the fact that all activities are indoor based, but the level of fun and excitement that your child is going to get here is something that can’t be explained in words. This place has got an impressive playground, moving tunnels and punching bag forests. You must be wondering, where these things could be in an indoor establishment! Well, to find it out, you have to go to the spot. You will also find sports simulators, a mini-golf, an arcade and a 40-foot long rock climbing wall, etc. There are full arrangements regarding the safety of the children, but to be doubly sure, you must keep an eye on your child.

The Funnery Play Park and Café

This is another indoor playground, but it is quite different from In Play Inc. This play park and café have got its own set of games, which kids can play for an entire day by paying a one-time charge. If you have two kids, then you can take both of them and get a 50% discount on the ticket. The walls of the indoor playground are filled with educational writings and paintings, the toys are made from soft materials and don’t have pointed edges. The authorities have given a wraparound bar that covers the entire playground so that parents can easily supervise their children.

These are the three most amazing spots where you and your child can go and have fun together. These spots are not dedicatedly made for kids, but the same amount of emphasis has been given to the comfort and entertainment of the adults. The only thing that you have to make sure of is the safety concern of the kids so that the fun time doesn’t turn into a catastrophic event. You will also find that many child care services in Newmarket have incorporated a special playing room for kids where they can learn new things along with playing. So, if going to the above-mentioned three spots every weekend is not possible for you, then you can get your child enrolled in such a child care service that has a dedicated play area with all the safety aspects covered in an adequate way.

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