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We are surrounded by people who love sharing their views and opinions. Sometimes, we make decisions based on those views and opinions, as we are humans and the things we see and listen to somewhat impact our decision making. Working moms who send their toddlers to daycare services often face criticism from those who surround them all the time. They come up with such news that makes mothers think whether they have done right by sending their toddlers to the daycare centres or not. Where some people are polite with their views, a few become harsh. Well, there is nothing that can be done except listen and forget what they have said.

Everybody has their own opinion when it comes to enrolling the child in a daycare centre.

Some enroll their kids to the daycare when they are just one or one and a half, whereas some put their kids when they turn three and so on. It depends upon the situation of the parents as well. There is a lot of misconception about daycare centres and people who have such misconceptions disperse it everywhere. Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss some of the benefits that you may have never seen or heard before. But, it is important to enroll your child in an established and well-regarded Newmarket preschooling centre because only then, you are going to find the surprising benefits that I’m going to discuss here below:

Children learn the concept of socializing

You must have seen some kids becoming very frank with other children and adults. This is because they spend time with children, which includes both, older and younger along with caregivers. This enhances the social side of the children and helps them get comfortable with the people they meet for the first time. You will be surprised how your child sits comfortably on the lap of your friend and start conversing with him/her. It will make you laugh, but most importantly will surprise you.

Children get easily separated from their parents

Before you take it in the wrong way, I just want to mention that by separation, I mean the time when you drop your child at the daycare centre and leave for your work. Children who always remain in the arms of the parents are the ones that create a lot scenes when they are being dropped at any place. But, if the children are having a good time at the daycare centre with his/her new friends and caregivers, then he/she will easily say goodbye to parents and go inside the daycare centre. It marks the beginning of the independent nature in the children, which will help them in the future.

Children find their own way to keep themselves busy and entertained

Some caregivers in daycare centres can’t give attention to each and every child all the time, children have learned how to keep themselves busy by playing with classmates or independently. Children don’t trouble their parents when they are at home. They find ways how to stay busy and entertained.

Children get easy access to education and play

Established and organized home daycares in Newmarket have plenty of ideas to entertain the children along with educating them about the new things. They take children to the outdoor play area and perform various activities like story reading and music time. A reputed daycare centre will have professional and experienced caregivers who will interact with the children and ensure that their needs are met. That is certainly not possible in the case of hiring a nanny. In that case, parents have to plan activities in order to keep the child busy. Moreover, they may have to spend a lot in arranging items for those activities.

The immune system of children gets improved

Well, it has been seen that children who are going to daycare centres have a better immune system than those who don’t go. Children easily get cold and flu in the daycare centres, which also make their immune system stronger, as it gets ready for a number of viral and bacterial conditions they may encounter in the future.

The only thing that parents should be worried about is that they are going to miss seeing their child learn and grow. Apart from that, daycare centres are the best places where children can grow and learn because of the relevant environment that they get there. So, don’t hesitate before sending your child to a home daycare centre because you have made the right decision.

Why Diana Daycare in Newmarket?

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We devote our energies to creating a fun and loving environment whilst delivering the best in childcare and education

Diana Daycare in Newmarket is considered by many to be the top home Daycare in Newmarket. We offer CCTV (Closed Circuit TV monitoring ) for the entire facility, home-made food and a big NO to junk food as well as no pets and a focus on providing a strong Ontario curriculum.

When children graduate from Diana Daycare in Newmarket, they are prepared for school: they are able to read and write and are completely ready to be integrated into their first grade in school.

That’s why all students from Diana Daycare are always a step ahead compared to the other kids who join their first grade in school.

  • Affordable Daycare
  • Long Day Care
  • Qualified Early Childhood Educator ( Licensed ECE )
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Air-conditioned premises
  • No smoking facility
  • A positive learning environment for your child
  • Good reputation (satisfied parents – daycare reviews here)
  • Qualified, caring staff
  • Healthy food
  • Clean, safe facilities
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Outdoor playground
  • Indoor Playroom

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