Important Tips To Ensure Good Nutrition For Infants

May 29, 2016

Nutrition is important for every human being, but when it comes to infants, it becomes even more important because the bodies of the infants lack almost all the nutrients, and if they don’t increase the level of every single nutrient, then they can suffer from a numerous diseases. Infants lose both weight and heat as soon as they are delivered, so nutrients will help them get that necessary weight and warmth to live a healthy life. Parents must ensure that their kids are eating healthy and nutrient enriched food. It’ll be better if the children are taught about the value of good nutrition and eating habits in the early stage.

Infant Nutrition

There is a tremendous growth in babies in the first year, and nutrition plays a big role in that growth. It all depends upon parents what they feed, how they feed and when they feed their infants, as that is going to shape up their habits in the later stage of life.


During the early stage of life, breastfeeding is the only way to feed children, but parents still have an option to feed their kids from the bottles. Some mothers take a lot of pressure, whether to breastfeed their kids or feed through the bottles. What I recommend is that, there is no need to take pressure because the decision to breastfeed or feeding through a bottle is totally a personal decision for mothers. If they feel that feeding children through bottles would be the best option, they can proceed with it. But, at the same time, the benefits of breastfeeding should not be overlooked.

Breastfeeding Or Bottle?

Well, I have just mentioned the benefits of breastfeeding, but what are they? Why mothers are told to breastfeed their children instead of feeding them from bottles? The breast milk is specifically designed to meet the needs of infants, as it has the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, which are the three main nutrients that infants would require in the first place. Besides these, the breast milk has certain elements that enhance their immune system and alleviate the amount of ear infections, respiratory infections and diarrhea. Even when being compared on the financial level, breast milk surpasses the ‘specialized formula’ milk because breast milk is developed automatically after the child is delivered, and there are no special food items to trigger the development of breast milk. On the other hand, formula milk needs to be purchased from the market and it doesn’t come for cheap.

Doctors have also found that breastfeeding don’t cause obesity in babies as they become older. There are some specific nutrients that are present in the breast-milk that keeps the problems like obesity or overweight away from the babies.

Introducing Solid Foods To Babies

When the baby is about 4-6 months old, then he/she can be introduced to the solid foods. But, it will be better to consult a pediatrician before doing so, as every child has his/her own metabolic rate and acceptance rate, so there could be a chance that the baby won’t be able to digest solid food as efficiently as liquid food. The solid foods that can be introduced will be in the form of fruits, vegetables and grains. In order to make babies comfortable with the solid foods, it is important for caregivers to make a deep connection with the babies.

Encourage Baby’s Acceptance Towards Vegetables

There are certain things that parents have to do to make their kids eat vegetables.

  1. If kids say didn’t like the food, then don’t just agree that, ‘yes, the vegetables are tasteless, but you have to eat it’. Parents need to convince them that the vegetables are delicious.
  2. Don’t change the taste of the vegetables by adding anything sweet because it will cover the natural taste of the vegetables, but in the long run, children will always add something sweet while eating vegetables.
  3. If kids repeatedly reject vegetables, then there is no need to feel sad and give up. Just serve the vegetables with a smiley face and positive gestures.

Parents have to keep these tips in mind in order to ensure that proper health and nutrition in their kids.

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  • Kabirat
    May 13, 2016 at 11:57 am

    When I got my first child, I was really skeptical about bottle feeding. I consulted a lot of people and later resolved to breastfeeding. When she got to 5 months, I always fed her vegetable smoothies and today she's such a healthy and strong toddler and I'm so proud of my feeding choices. I suggest that mothers take the above tips seriously for their babies to grow healthy and strong.

  • Samantha G.
    April 13, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    Infants need the best of food nutrition you can imagine. From what I learned in school, I know that good nutrition develops the brain of an infant. But I have a question. How long should a mother breastfeed her child?


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