Tips To Successfully Expose Your Child With Multicultural Food

December 09, 2015

Living in Canada comes along with a plenty of advantages, as the country consists of people from Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and South America. This mix culture of the country helps people grow in a beautiful environment, plus they get to know about different cultures.

The best part of living in a multicultural society is the variety of food that everybody gets to eat. It is not just a spectacular time for the adults, but for children as well, who can choose from an extensive range of food items. It is important for the parents to expose their kids to as many food options as they can, so that they don’t become a picky eaters. Kids will choose their favorite food if they start eating them in an early stage of the life, plus they will be able to meet their nutrition related requirements.

People living in Canada don’t have to wander for their favorite food, as there are a plenty of restaurants, grocery stores and take out locations in all parts of the country. So, parents won’t have any trouble in exposing the best meals to their kids, but they need to make sure that they are only putting healthy and nutritious food on the plate of their kids.

Doing this is a lot easier at home, but parents have to do it, especially when they are going to eat in the restaurants. It is not just parents, but daycare centres in York Region, Ontario can also include multicultural food in their menu. Let us take a look at the options of multicultural foods that parents can expose their kids to in Canada.

Japanese Food

As we all know that traditional Japanese food is based on rice, soups, fish and seasonal vegetables cooked or boiled. Japanese food is always considered healthy and nutritious food, so this will be a good option for kids. At the beginning, kids may find a bit difficult to get acclimatized to the Japanese food, but when they eat it quite often, they will start liking it. There are certain cuisines like deep-fried light batter tempura or grilled fish noodles that kids will surely like.

Many parents hesitate a bit while serving their children raw fish, so they can wait until their kids become old enough to eat solid food. Parents can also take the help of a pediatrician and take their recommendations.

Thai/Vietnamese Food

There are a plenty of Thai and Vietnamese restaurants in Canada, and their food is extremely delicious. Some of the popular Thai/Vietnamese food includes grilled vegetables and fish, stir-fry dishes and more. Kids will surely like noodle dishes that are prepared in these restaurants. An important fact about the noodles they use is that, they are made from rice and not the refined flour. Moreover, the sauces used in the food will excite the taste buds of the kids. Parents who are looking for healthy choices can look out for salt and fried rice.

Subcontinent Food

In Canada, there is a significant presence of the people of Sub-continent. Parents can take their kids to the top Indian restaurants and order meals like Chicken tikka masala, lamb curry, roganjosh, mixed vegetables, Dal Makkhani and more. These dishes are made up using dozens of spices, which are good for health. Kids who like Indian food can eat any type of food because Indian food consists more herbs and spices than any other food. There is a difference between a food full of spices and a spicy food, which they will be able to find out when they eat Indian food. Parents can opt for Tandoor (Indian Barbeque) food instead of curries.

Middle Eastern/Mediterranean Food

Parents can also give it a try to the Middle-eastern food, which has a different kind of spices, but are extremely beneficial for kids. Dishes like falafel, wheat salad, shwarma kabobs, tzatziki and goat cheese are some of the most popular dishes among the food lovers.

Italian Food

Italian food is a lot more than pizza and pasta, so order something different for kids like prosciutto, risotto, pistachio and lasagna, which are not that heavy on the stomach and a decent food value. Avoid deep fried food, as it can make your kids obese because they won’t stop eating it due to its tempting taste.

There are many other types of foods like Mexican, which is so extensive in terms of its ingredients or the Caribbean food, which has a robust taste in all of its meals. But, as a parent, you need to be selective while choosing the food for your kids. Parents need to ensure that their kids always have healthy and nutritious food on their plates.

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