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Bad behaviors in kids are pretty common these days. If your kids are not behaving well in public places, in front of guests, and even with you, then you need to take this matter seriously. Though you are excited to see your kids doing great developmentally. They are at a stage where they learn how to be human. Bad behavior in kids could be intentional or unintentional, but most of the time, it is unintentional because they don’t really know how to express their feelings and desires, dis-pleasures, and other types of emotions. When parents try to be harsh on their kids when they behave in a bad way, kids feel like if they are treated in an unfair way. This is when parents see a tantrum because kids are not able to control the environment, plus they can’t express their feelings in words, so they scream, cry, kick, and bite.

Parents should not blame themselves!

Parents should not be held responsible for the bad behaviors of their kids. Parents should not feel bad, but the need of the time is, teaching their kids how to get a leash on their bad behaviors. Parents should take it as a part of the growing up process. Parents who receive complaints about their kids from the family daycare centres in Newmarket then should tell the day carers to be patient and explain to kids that what they have been doing is wrong and needs to be changed. If a certain thing has disturbed the child, then change the environment in order to diffuse his/her anger. If both kids and adults become angry at the same time, then the situation can get out of control. Kids will do anything to bring their parents into the yelling competition, but parents need to keep their cool and be calm in those situations.

How can parents contribute to the emotional development of their children, for the benefit of tomorrow’s adult

  • stages of the child’s evolution
  •  useful tips and recommendations for parents

Childhood is critical to the emotional development of tomorrow’s adult! The child’s manifestations, emotions, and the way he learns to control them are the foundation of the ability to establish positive and satisfying interpersonal relationships.

85% of an adult’s social skills are built up to the age of 5!

As a process, affective development takes place both personally, contributing to the formation of the child as an individual, and socially, by establishing and maintaining relationships with others. Essential features of effective development include the ability to identify and understand one’s own feelings, to correctly perceive the emotions of others, the ability to cope with intense feelings and their expression in a constructive manner, control one’s behavior, empathy, and maintaining social relationships.

Usually, people get stuck emotionally in childhood or adolescence, as a result of trauma or through education, and as an adult as a result of internal conflicts. In childhood, trauma can be any form of physical or emotional abuse. Regarding emotional abuse, it is most common to impose an education through fear, physical threats that may or may not be met, etc.

Tips to control bad behaviors in the kids

  1. Don’t bargain with your kids: Kids are very good at bargaining, so if they need a chocolate/candy or a certain toy, they will keep asking you for it the whole time you guys shop in the supermarket, but you need to stick to your guns. If you said no to them before, then stick to that decision.
  2. Applaud good behaviors: When you are pointing your kids’ bad behaviors, then you ought to applaud their good behavior as well. Whether you get a call from the child care centre your kid is going to or the school teachers, you need to praise it wholeheartedly. This will let your child know that ‘OK, so the reason my parents are hugging and kissing me is that I helped my fellow mate’. So, the child will try to repeat such behavior in order to get more applauds from you.
  3. Don’t nag your child from time to time: Give your child a bit of freedom to explore the world. Let them play the way they want. Of course, the behavior of your child won’t improve overnight, but just pointing it out every single time will annoy them and as we all know, if parents say no to their kids regarding a certain thing, the more they do it. The freedom you’ll give to your child will help him/her develop a personality as a natural procedure. You don’t want to put their thoughts and ideas into shackles.
  4. Don’t keep an eye on your kids all the time: When you take your kids out in the park, then let them interact with kids of a similar age. You can stand at a distance and see how your child deals with other kids. You should only intervene when it becomes necessary.
  5. Show your love: You love your child unconditionally, but you need to tell them that. When you keep shouting at them for their bad behavior, they might think if they are unwanted in the house. But, that’s not the case at all, and you need to show your love ten times more than your anger.

Bad behavior in kids is a challenge for you as well, but if you work together with your kids, then you can definitely bring a positive change in their behavior. Also, make sure to keep the day carers or school teachers in the loop.

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