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When a toddler goes to a daycare centre, there are a number of things that could disturb him/her mentally. In the company of other toddlers who could have weird nature and foul mouths, the self-esteem of your little one could be pushed back. Now, it is your duty to boost the confidence of your child and build his/her self-esteem, so that he/she can smoothly carry out his/her tenure at the daycare centre. Sometimes, what happens is, when kids tell things to their parents, they get the weirdest of the responses, which they never had expected in the first place. As an empathizing parent, you need to leverage your children’s trust and empower them to become the best.

Here are four things that you need to do to enhance the self-esteem of your toddler.

  1. Empower your child by determining his/her best self.

You have to understand what your child’s beliefs are going to determine his/her behavior. So, it is important for you to stay positive about your toddler. All the efforts put up your child should be acknowledged and applauded by you. The small things that you tell your child to motivate him/her for the bigger things that are about to come in the future.

  1. Empower your toddler to solve the issue instead of labeling it

You have to offer guidance to your little one in such a way that he/she keeps your lesson in mind. You have to encourage your child and show him/her the way as to how he/she can solve the issue on his/her own. This will also make the child more dependable because he/she will not remain reliable on you for a certain task. You have to acknowledge the fact that your child has taken the step, even when it is not perfect. The most important thing is to move towards the goal that is set up by both of you.

  1. Empower your toddler by assisting him/her keep ‘debacles’ in perspective

Toddlers often come to a conclusion when they fail in some tasks. Toddlers start creating beliefs about the world as they take experiences. When you see your child getting failed in a certain situation, then you will have to re-frame the situation, and also let him/her know that the next time when he/she comes in the same situation, it won’t be the same result. This will give your child assurance that failures are just a small part of life, and it is better if he/she overcomes those. As a parent, you have to give your toddler as much support as you can so that he/she can become successful. Motivate your child to work harder the next time instead of just giving up on himself/herself.

  1. Empower your toddler by repeating the words of praise over and over again to other people

When you say something to your child, he/she may not listen to it in the first place, even when it is a positive thing. But, when you say things to some other person that your child has done a great job at a daycare centre, then he/she will become more interested and convinced that he/she possesses a certain talent for which you are praising him/her. This thing makes your child believe in himself/herself and he/she will become more confident for future endeavors.

He never laughs at his ideas, no matter how impossible they may seem
Like you, your child wants to be taken seriously. And when he has the feeling that he is not taken seriously (or that he laughs at his opinions), he ends up closing in on himself. The result is that the next time he has an idea or an opinion, no matter how good, he will keep it to himself, for fear of being humiliated if he shares it.

Let him learn to play an instrument
Careful! Do not force your child to learn something, but let him choose a musical instrument that attracts him. When the little one makes an effort in this direction, when he sees results, when he gets to play on stage, he increases his self-esteem.

Celebrate his achievements
That doesn’t mean you reward him every time he did something right. But, when you see that your little one puts more effort than is required into an activity, that he is working on something that pleases his soul, that he comes along with the proposal to help you, show him that you appreciate that extra enthusiasm. . The child will realize that he is capable of great things if he works for them.

Challenge his creativity
Many children and adults do not consider themselves creative. Why? Because they were not encouraged to be. Give your child the opportunity to find original solutions and come up with creative ideas. For example, when reading together, before turning the page, ask the little one what he thinks should happen next. Such questions, however simple they may seem, have an enormous impact on the child.

You have to play the role of the confidence booster because only then, your toddler is going to be able to build self-esteem to tackle all the problems that come along as he/she moves ahead in life.

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