Obedience: Why Do You Have To Tell Them Five Times?

December 22, 2016
  • Why do you have to tell a particular thing again and again to your child?
  • Why isn’t he/she able to get what you want him/her to do?

Kids need to teach lessons of obedience, and what methods parents adopt to teach them will help create a personality where they are obedient to their parents and teachers. But, this is not happening to be honest, and parents have to say things repeatedly. So, what’s the reason behind telling same and same thing multiple times to kids, but they still won’t pay attention to it? Let us find it out!

Our priorities don’t mean to them

Things that are of high priority to you may come at the last for your kids. You want your child to bath daily because it is good for his/her health, but he/she won’t just listen or ignore you when you say, ‘honey, c’mon let’s have bath’. You have to lure him/her to have bath by playing a game or telling a story of a monster who eats children who remain don’t bath. You have to connect with your child and see what’s he/she doing and acknowledge your child’s priorities

  1. We train our kids not to pay attention until we yell and threaten

If you have a habit of saying things five times and then, change the tone to a bit harsh, then you’ve to change this habit. Just say it once, and the next time, when you see your child not doing what you’ve told him/her, then just say, “This is the last time I’m going to say, or else your TV time or playing time is cut today”. By listening to these sort of threats, he/she would definitely do the work that you told him/her to do. Don’t give directives to your child from across the room. Say things by going close to your child, so that he/she knows that mommy or daddy has given a task, which is extremely important.

  1. Help your child out in making the transition

Your nagging is equivalent to your child’s whining. Kids always try to tune it out, so when you see your child whining, immediately stop him/her by connecting with the child and acknowledging what he/she is doing. Pay attention to what your child is doing and make him/her feel like as if you are a part of the activity.

  1. Kids are still figuring it out

Kids are in the learning age, and they are developing the ability in which they have to understand that they will have to do what you want and not what they want. You have to make your child learn that his/her relationship with you is more important, so whatever task has been allotted by you needs to be done before everything else. This is how your child is going to be able to redirect himself/herself towards bigger goal and also develop self-confidence. Your child must choose your task rather than you forcing him/her to do it.

  1. You are not listening to your child

Your child must have told you many times that he/she don’t feel like taking a bath, but instead of acknowledging that, you take off his/her clothes and put him/her into the bathtub. That’s wrong, you have to tell him/her that I heard you, but today, you do need a bath, but it’s your choice whether to take a bath or a shower. When you give your child such options, then he/she forgets that he/she was not interested in taking a bath, but he/she gets interested in choosing whether to take a bath or a shower.

  1. Kids feeling disconnected from us

When you yell at your child and don’t talk to him/her all day because of one incident that occurred earlier in the day, then that can have a serious impact on the child’s mentality. He/she will feel disconnected from you and then, the obedient and disciplined behavior will also take the back seat. So, yell at your child when he/she does something wrong, but then, reconcile with him/her, so that he/she knows that the connection is very much there.

These are a few things that you have to keep in mind in order to ensure that your child becomes an obedient and disciplined person in the future.


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